Our Services

Tank Construction

IRCL is a fully integrated industrial construction company that specializes in the design, fabrication and erection of carbon and stainless steel above ground storage tanks as per applicable codes and industry standards. We also take the construction and modification of water based storage and treatment facilities.


Fabrication & Piping Works

We provide a wide range of fabrication and piping work for diversified applications in different industrial sectors. These systems are fabricating using mild-steel, stainless steel and sheet metal components. We offer world-class services for the fabrication and erection of pipelines.
We hold expertise in undertaking Engineering Infrastructure for several industrial sectors. Our team of experienced professioanals carries out designing, fabrication, assembly and installation work for various plant piping, country-wide piping and pump house work. Among others, we also execute jobs for, Installation & Commisionaing of Plant Machinery.
We also offer Sand blasting, Grunting, Painting, Cladding and Insulation work.
Our pipe services are in conformity with API 1104, Code. API 31.1 amd API 31.3; we ensure compliance with any other international or client specific standards.


Civil Construction

IRCL has a dedicated group for civil engineers, which specializes in various industrial related construction activities. Traditionally our civil engineering group performs concrete work, equipment installation and on site work. We provide these services in a standalone or integrated format for our customers.
IRCL civil engineering group performs and manages the services for our Industrial Service Division as well as for our customers. IRCL shall be a proud partner to all of your civil engineering needs.


Steel Structural Works

Our Structural Steel works division handles the entire fabrication and erection works such as the design, fabrication, supply and erection of Steel Structure Buildings, Steel Structure Workshop, Steel Structure Warehouse, Prefabricated Steel Buildings, Steel Shed, Industry Steel Buildings, and Commercial Steel Buildings.
In general, steel frames are increasingly being preferred over concrete structures across the globe. This preference is largely attributed to the fact that steel structures offers tremendous flexibility in design and shape unlike rigid concrete structures. Steel occupies less floor space than traditional concrete structures and steel structures can be pre-fabricated off-site and brought ready on-site saving time and generating faster construction methodologies.


Electrical Works

IRCL Electrical Works is a team of talented and courteous people dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical services coupled with integrity and friendly disposition. As professionals, we are guarantee quality of our work. We provide installation, testing and commissioning of power plants.
IRCL can provide turnkey projects including engineering, manufacture LT System power control centers, motor control centers, automatic power factor correction panels, installation and commissioning. We are proud to be part of the development of the new King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah. We have installed 64 mega watts of auciliary power plants of King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah as part of our contribution to this mega project.


Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm

IRCL is specialized in designing, installation, testing, commissioning, servicing of various fire fighting and fire alarm systems for sub-stations. Our highly qualified & well experienced technical team is able to design, install and commission the system to meet the client requirements. We have proudly completed some of the important substations such as Shoaiba PP Stage II & III, North West Substation, Makkah Al Masha’er Substations, Rabigh Power Plant etc.


Industrial Service

IRCL is prominent for providing industrial Services since last 20 years. Our Industrial Services division provides best industrial services through skilled trade workforce consisting of around 450 people. We focus on quality over quantity, and this focus has earned us a reputation of a providing very highly skilled personnel. All of our team members are highly skilled, proficient and certified in their trade.
We provide the right workforce that will fit in your project and team dynamics, match your most urgent needs and will add value to your business during the assignment.
We bridge the gap between our clients and our employees by offering flexible short and long term industrial service solutions. When partnering with IRCL Services, we will mitigate your long term overhead and administrative burden by providing qualified employees on an as-needed basis.